TIPS ON Removing old guitar strings

Tip #1

To remove old strings detune them until they’re slack, hold them in one hand and cut them in half (at the 12th fret or thereabouts – it doesn’t matter exactly where) using string cutters. Don’t cut them while the strings are under tension or you could damage the guitar neck or, worse, yourself!

Once cut, carefully detach the first half from the string post and then pull the other half out through the bridge. You should be able to do this without the strings touching the guitar’s body at any point.

If instead you unwind the string at the string post and then try and pull the full length of string back through the bridge, you’ll have trouble pulling the curly ends of the strings through the bridge and you’ll probably end up lightly scratching the guitar’s finish in the process.

Tip #2

Consider re-stringing in parts – remove and replace the three bass strings first, and then remove and replace the three treble strings (or, in the case of a bass guitar, replace one string at a time).

Pros like Greg Howard (guitar tech for artists including Green Day, Sheryl Crow, Aerosmith and AC/DC) advocate this because it keeps some tension on the neck which can help maintain neck stability.

This is particularly important for musicians who need consistency from their instrument night after night when gigging, but is worthwhile considering for any guitar.


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