Wiring & Electrics

Wiring & Electrics

Does your guitar ‘crackle’ when you turn the volume or tone knob, ‘buzz’ incessantly when plugged in, or have an unreliable signal?

Maybe you want to upgrade your existing pickups, or install a soundhole pickup on an acoustic guitar?

Perhaps you are bringing an old instrument back to life and want to treat it to a complete re-wiring with first-rate components?

Selborne Guitars can help with all of this, and more. In addition to wiring in pickups, switches, output jacks and other components, we can also perform common wiring modifications (or ‘mods’) that change the tone of your guitar or enhance its playability.


We provide electrical services including:

  • Pickup installation (electric and acoustic)
  • Upgrading or replacing pots, switches and capacitors
  • Replacing output jacks
  • Loading and installing new scratchplates
  • Re-wiring unreliable or poor connections
  • Complete re-wiring of a guitar
  • Common wiring modifications
  • Cavity shielding
  • Electrical troubleshooting

What’s included

Free consultation on components and wiring

The wiring and/or installation work

Re-stringing the guitar

What’s not included

The cost of parts

The cost of new strings

Typical prices*

Pickup installation (electric and acoustic)

from £20

Upgrading or replacing pots, switches and capacitors

from £5

Replacing output jacks

from £10

Loading and installing new scratchplate

from £40

Complete re-wiring of a guitar

from £65

Common wiring modifications

from £10

Cavity shielding


Re-wiring unreliable or poor connections

Hourly rate

Electrical troubleshooting

Hourly rate

Pickup installation (electric and acoustic): from £20

Upgrading or replacing pots, switches and capacitors: from £5

Replacing output jacks: from £10

Loading and installing new scratchplate: from £40

Complete re-wiring of a guitar: from £65

Common wiring modifications: from £10

Cavity shielding: £15

Re-wiring unreliable or poor connections: Hourly rate

Electrical troubleshooting: Hourly rate

* Body modifications (drilling or reaming) are charged in addition at hourly rate (£30). Prices do not include the cost of parts. Exact pricing depends on various factors including number of components and complexity of wiring – contact us for a detailed quotation.

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There’s nothing more frustrating than a guitar with a dirty signal, or one that crackles when you turn a knob or switch pickups. It lessens your enjoyment of the instrument and makes you not want to pick up that guitar, which is a real shame.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Speak to us about fixing your wiring and electrical issues.

If you’ve just bought that set of pickups you’ve always wanted, but haven’t got round to installing them yet, we can help.

We give discounts for installing multiple pickups or other components, so the more you do the cheaper it gets.

Make an appointment for a chat to find out more.